Tuesday, March 21, 2006

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lord Guan Ti Talisman

This talisman is drawn with cinnabar, this talisman is carried as an amulet for protection and also for these people involved in business. It's an auspicious talisman that can also be place at the entrance of home and also workplace. It is believed the power of Lord Guan Ti oversees and protect these carrying this talisman.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

About Taoist Talismans

The Chinese Paper Talismans Called "FU" in China are probably the most powerful enchantment tools. Each talismans power are different, and so is the way to activate and use that power. Fu's and incantations can be used to manifest psychic or spiritual energy. It is the intent's behind that Fu's that determines whether its white or black magic.

For illustrations, can be used to invoke gods, deities, protect a household, improve your business, attract wealth, enhance relationship, cursed or hex an enemy, dispell sorcery, activating good "Chi", dissolve a bone lodged on throat, arrest bleedings, prevent burglary,etc...

The talismans are usually drawn for various purposes. Each practitioners from different lineages of Taoist schools has their own way of drawing talismans, activating talismans, rituals to perform, and their form of talismans which is usually handed down from their past lineage of teachers. These may comprises of various Mantras, Mudras (hand gestures), rituals, and invocation to empower and bless these talismans.

Most of these talismans are guarded secret which are never revealed to the uninitiated. As they are so sacred. And some of these Talismans and rituals are so deadly that it can caused harm, injury, insanity and even death when use upon their enemies.

These practitioners from the "Tao of the Left" or practise "side doors" are well versed using talismans to control ghosts and spirits to do their biddings. With talismans they can use to bind the ghosts and spirits, some of them keeps numerous numbers of these entity to help them .

Talismans are extensively use during the Pre Han dynasty for illness such as fever, headache, for stopping bleedings, gynaecological problems, toothache, mental illness (believed caused by spirits) and etc...

Until today talismans plays an important role to the Taoist communities, Talismans are highly revered as a protection, when carried. Drunk to heal illness, and carried to enhance relationship between spouses!

For years I had personally tried and used Talismans to help others with various problems and I had took note on all accounts of the outcomes of each talismans exerting its power to intervene.
I had a vast number of talismans in my possession, spanning from Mao Shan Sect, Tai Qing Sect, Lu Shan Sect,etc...Schools.

I've discovered most of the schools share the same type of similar rituals i.e. gods invocation, blessing and empowering materials used for drawing talismans, the steps used, the materials, the mantra's and mudra's used for empowering the Talismans.

I was very fortunate to know a lot of other practitioners for various schools generously sharing the practice and thoughts with me.

On this website I will try my best to disclosed more practised associated with Taoism, which is scarce on the internet or even elsewhere. I hope this will benefit these who are interested in Taoism. Please feel free to visit my website www.taoistsecret.com and www.taoistsorcery.com

I welcome all inquiries related to taoism send me an email : yongwilson@gmail.com
If you happen to be an academician, researcher, students or practitioners related to this field of study feel free to email me, I would loved to share my thoughts and practice with you all.

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