Thursday, June 14, 2007


This is a discussion session transcript taken from my yahoo messenger with a student:

ST: wilson can you tell me if there is any taboo carrying and using taoist talismans?
WIL: it depends on the type of talismans, one major taboo are to leave a talisman on the ground having someone stepping on it, potency of the talisman will be lost
ST:how long does a talisman last ? any expiration?
WIL:can last a year for most talismans written in vermilion red cinnabar on yellow strip of paper, once the ink fades its time to replace it.
WIL:talismans written in black ink last longer.
depends also on the type of talismans i.e. protection, wealth, for prevention of sorcery,etc
ST: what type of talismans would most people request from you?
WIL: a variety! got huge request talismans for wealth, relationship,protection.
would even request very specific talismans to heal certain ailments
ST: how long does it take to prepare a talismans?
WIL: a meticulous task! select an auspicious day, do a preliminary practice of inviting taoist deities, reciting liturgies, mantras and forming hand mudras.
WIL:allocate about 3-4 hours during an auspicious day, to prepare talismans, start during the
wee hours of the night (11.00pm-3.00am)
ST: just wanna ask kinda curious, hope you dont mind?
WIL: ok, please go ahead...
ST: do you have request from people asking for spells or talismans to harm another?
WIL: yes, lots of such request. had to decline their request i do not practice talismans for such purpose. Sorry, if you happen to wish placing a curse on your adversary, i cant help you
ST: ok, i get you :)
ST: lol
ST: how are talismans used anyway? know that it can be carried as a lucky amulet, and to burn and drink when one is ill
WIL: yes, you got it right, but talismans is also used to be deployed by burning, posted on main entrance, stuck behind a wedding portrait of couples, under a pillow for nightmares, etc...tasks
ST: is it true that to practice taoist sorcery one's need to learn talismans? a pre-requisite right?
WIL:please...dont use the word "SORCERY" we taoist DONOT practice sorcery but an expedient means to help others. not through black magic/sorcery. SORCERY is an inappropriate word to use! try magick / fa shu
ST: oh, my apology for my ignorance
WIL: ok
ST: heard of any real tales of bad hats using talismans to harm another?
WIL: yes, a year ago a friend of mine showed me a piece of talisman she actually took from her family member (wont say who ok) and ask me to verify if the talisman is actually used for improving her wealth? When i see the talismans knew straight that some disgruntled member of her family are actually trying to ruin her relationship with her spouse.
ST: Wow nasty
WIL: some unscrupulous practitioner would create such a talismans in exchange for $$$
ST: what would you do if you got someone that are being cursed? can you remove it? how about spirit possession, haunting? from your blog these chilling encounters on your ghost busting photos are cool man
WIL: usually would try to see the cause if its related to spirits, or a curse. will decide the best options to resolve it.
ST: do you do spiritual healing?
WIL: yes, by appointment only.
ST: how soon does one can fell the changes the talismans bring?
WIL: it all depends on oneself, if one is a worthy person (gods/deity evaluation) then it would be granted asap. lastly KARMA plays a more important role. if you dont have the right karma it would never work regardless of the amulet or talismans in ones possessions. its sad to see lots of people not realizing at times its their past karma, how can one be wealthy if ones is a miser and never even help a less fortunate being. take this as a call from (someone above) if one is facing lots of obstacles, do lots of meritorious deeds, repent one's bad habits and try not to indulge in the future.
ST: i had request some talismans from you in the past, it's amazing it work like miracle.
WIL: talismans are like pain killers you take when youre having a headache. your wish may be granted or a temporarily relieve. bear in mind you need to resolve this yourself too. the pain may come back sooner or later, just that you took some pain killers to relieve yourself its not the end to the roots of your problems.
ST: then what would you suggest i do?
WIL: recall the last time you tell me that you need $ badly as you just graduated from college unemployed for months. for help to solve your $ issues. sent you the human affinity talismans, you were hired within a week. think about this if you didnt take any effort to attend interviews, writing to employers would you be hired? definitely not right. would say that it also part of your own effort and not only the talismans, wouldnt take credit for this, as you achieve this yourself.
WIL:did you then resolve your $ issue?
ST: youre right Wilson. i did took lots of effort getting the job, winning over the rest of the candidates. But I do believe your talismans did a great job. did I tell you that I felt so confident during the interview, i met the right people, right job and right timing. coincidence and fate had a clear boundary. i know deep down something is helping me. i've been thru interview which i lost count, ive even met sarcastic intimidating trump like boss !
WIL: you still gotto look for an alternative way to get better financially
ST: agree, just cant wait for fortune to splash down from above
WIL: Lets continue this later ok? i got to run for an appointment chat later
ST: ok take care
WIL: bye
ST: bye