Monday, March 26, 2007

Ghost Busting!

It's not the first time I'm performing exorcism or ghost busting. Lots of people had been asking me how I did it. My recent adventure was about 2 weeks ago. A friend of mine called me up; she told me that one of her colleague’s complained that he saw 3 apparitions likely a family consists of mum; dad and a small child appeared to him during the night. He couldn’t sleep well for weeks as he had recollections of being strangled, suffocation and a heavy object sitting on him, that caused him paralysis. He could not even shout or move a limb. It was horrifying for him.

My friend was already there waiting for me at the front of the main entrance when I arrived, the house was an old house being rented as a hostel for workers. Likely being built in the 60’s era, as I don’t see such architecture and design nowadays.

We went upstairs towards the room where the sightings and disturbance was reported. I was hoping I could catch glimpses of the entity. I scrutinize the entire room; just couldn’t find any entities there. I then took out my close companion a bell and a glass filled it with water and then burnt one of purifying talismans. Then chant prayers and sprinkled the water all over the room. I then took the Cosmic healing disc and place it at the entrance to the room and the ceiling fan directly above the bed.

Lastly, I went outside the house and place some burned paper offerings to entities around the vicinity to appease them. Until now no further disturbance was reported. I got a call from her after a week, the guy that slept in the room had been able to sleep soundly without any harassment. Hope it remained that way for an indefinite time!