Monday, April 23, 2007

Rare Artifacts Found!

On my recent exorcism trip I found a rare article - Guess what a double headed shrunken Baby foetus!

It all started when I got a call from a friend that lease his house to a practitioner. He operates a divination, fortune telling, palmistry, feng shui, tattoo and etc...from the house.

For the past 1 year it was ok then this practitioner left in a hurry leaving behind a legacy! He actually borrowed heavily from "Loan Sharks" aka Ah Long (Creditors which charged an exhorbitant interest rates).

The house owner called me a week ago to fix an appointment and then later called again to cancelled it as another practitioner would be there to help him. Then later he called again and ask me if I could be there as the other practitioner is unable to removed some entities / artifacts in the house. So I obliged.

The house was converted into a temple, there was an altar for Lord Brahma right outside the house, an earth deity shrine and some banners and flag poles. The interior of the house comprises of a main altar with lots of deities one happens to be a double headed dried fetus. It was placed on the altar with offerings of toys, sweets etc stuff...

There were also some small tiny bottles with idol of baby spirits in it.

We also found a jar of black repulsive liquid which is actually oil extracted from human corpses!

This practitioner is definately dabbling into the dark arts of occults.

One room we found tattoo equipments i.e. tattoo designs, needles, inks, balms, rubber gloves, etc stuff used for tattoo.

Then at the bottom of the altar was more bizarre an arrays of smaller miniature coffins that actually contains more spirits.

But the largest coffin was found right upstairs in a bedroom. I really wonder how this practitioner would sleep as his mattress is just a few feet away facing the coffin! Talk about bad Feng shui!

DONT dabble into occult to ask for monetary gain! I found out later that the practitioner actually borrowed heavily from creditors to buy lotto or 4D numbers. Guess luck ran out for him, as its never appropriate to seek such monetary gain from such sources.

Its sad to see a practitioner that would resort to use spirits for their own monetary gains. I wish he would start life a new and not repeat the same mistake again, best wishes to him wherever he may be. Let us all pray and send our dedications to him, may he create the good karma to enjoy good fortunes, and avoid calamities.